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I've known what it is to be
hungry, but I always went
right to a restaurant.

Cofounder alemayehu and Solomon

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Fresh food tastes like your home one.

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the location is better place for all people .

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Kitfo(beneche ayebe)

Ethiopian style steak tartar,Freshly minced extra-lean beef seasoned with mitmita and niter kibe can be served lightly cooked




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Doro Wot

Popular Ethiopian Dish enjoyed for holiday celebration.A stew prepared with sauteed onions,nitire kibe(seasoned butter) with berebere sauce served with chicken and hard boiled eggs .*Available on selected days*


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Vegan Platter(Beyayenetu)

Shiro,Mesir,Yater alecha Cabbage with carrot and salad.




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